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'48 Ford 'Fat Fender' Coupe


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Picked up the new Revell '48 Ford Custom Coupe. Overall the kit is a well done addition to the Revell line with one exception. IMHO, the chop leaves a lot to be desired. I am not sure who at Revell thinks chops where the 'B' pillars are higher then either the 'A' or 'C' are cool but, their taste and mine are not even close. They managed to screw up the chop on the '49 Merc, and did the same thing with the new '48.




So. here's my solution the issue of the chop. The sharpie lines are landmarks for cuts to improve the chop.





The 'A' pillars were cut to remove the roof for the rework only the thickness of the saw blade (.015") was removed from them. Aprox .045" was removed from the 'B' pillars, they were then pie cut to lean them forward so the roof didn't have to be split. The 'C' pillars were scribed through with the backside of a #11 blade to be reused once the roof was reattached. The rear of the green house was removed with aprox .020" removed from the top to allow the it to be leaned forward to get a sleeker look.




IMG_3911-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


Once the splices and and backing pieces have cured the usual filler will be applied and sanded out. The plan is to drop this thing in the rear as much as possible turning it into a taildragger. To truly get it down in the weeds will require a rework of the rear of the chassis and trunk floor pan.


More to come soon, stay tuned.

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Got the chop and fill work completed on the '48. There was less then .050" removed from the 'B' pillars with the rear window area reworked to fit the new roof profile.

The modification is not overly severe, but sure goes a long way to improve the roof line over the "Kit Chop".





IMG_3952-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


Next up are the chassis modifications to get the rear end sitting in the weeds as any good taildragger should.

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While these cars look cool with their chopped tops, I would need to have three vertebrae removed from my spine and neck in order to sit upright in one. I have enough trouble with the sloping roof lines on most of today's sedans and sport wagons to get in and out of them. I'm impressed with the customizing work on this model so far.



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