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Hasegawa 1/24 Scale VW® Beetle® Type 1 Police Car


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1/24 ScaleVW® Beetle® Type 1 Police Car




The Volkswagen® Beetle’s compact size and air-cooled,flat-four engine made it ideal for Autobahn driving. Since it was affordableand easy to maintain, the Beetle Type 1 was a natural choice for Bundespolizeiuse. As the Beetle became a success in other countries, it was soon adopted bypolice for use in countries like Canada and Belgium.


ThisLimited Edition kit features newleft-handle dashboard parts, a new police light andspeaker parts, plus three marking options:


1. Bundespolizei, Germany


2. Saint John Police,Canada


3. Antwerp Police, Belgium



TheHasegawa Limited Edition VolkswagenBeetle Type 1 Police Car has a total parts count of 85 and a skill level of 3.



HSGS0251 20251 1/24 VW Beetle Type 1 Police Car Retail:$47.99 Street: $42.99


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