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Hasegawa 1/200 Scale Solaseed Air Boeing® 737-800


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1/200Scale Solaseed Air Boeing® 737-800



ForJapan, July’s launch of Solaseed Air didn’t just represent the addition of anew airline. It represented a new beginning. For decades, strict regulationslimited the number of available choices for airline travelers. Now, recentchanges to the market have made it possible for Japan to enjoy more optionsthan ever before. Solaseed Air is the fourth airline to emerge since thecountry’s airline industry was reformed in 1998.



Thiskit features markings for the new brand name of Skynet Asia Airways (“SolaseedAir”), July 15, 2011. The kit has a total parts count of47 and a skill level of 3.



HSGS1740 10740 1/200 Solaseed Air Boeing 737-800 Retail: $27.99 Street: $25.99



The1/200 Solaseed Air Boeing 737-800 model will be available late November.


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