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IPMS Region 5 Convention

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The Regional Convention for Region 5 will be held on Saturday May 19 in the greater Kansas City Area, hosted by IPMS/West Central Missouri.




Holiday Inn

8787 Reeder Road

Overland Park, KS 66214





You can also follow the information on our club website at: www.ipmswcmo.org


Contest Theme: In the Movies: Any model related to big screen or TV events is elligle for a special award.


Vendor Information: Vendor tables are priced very reasonable, and sold on a first come first served basis. Space is limited, please book early!


Vendor tables are $30.00 each for the first 3 and $25.00 for every table after that. Contact Vendor Coordinator - Marty Nevshemal


The club is also seeking trophy sponsorship to help with the high costs of the convention. Please consider helping out your fellow IPMS Club and sponsor a package. Complete details will be available soon on our website. Or contact our Sponsorship Coordinator: Kelly Quirk



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One month from today!!



IPMS WCMO “Show Me State Modelers”

are proud to announce hosting of the

Region 5 Convention

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Holiday Inn and Suites – Overland Park West

8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park, KS 66214

Registration Starts at 9 am; Awards at 3:00 pm

Contest Website: www.ipmswcmo.org Contest Chairman: ipmswcmoc@yahoo.com

Trophies & Awards:


Grand Judges Award

Best of Special Theme

Best of Aircraft

Best of Automotive

Best of Armor & AFV’s

Best of Figures

Best of Dioramas

Best of Spacecraft & Sci-Fi

Best of Naval

Best of Miscellaneous

1st, 2nd, 3rd for each category

Honorable Mention (Certificate)

Contest Entry Fees

Adults: $15 for 3 models;

$2 each entry thereafter

Juniors: (age 17 & under)

$7 unlimited entries

Visitors: $2

Huge Raffle!!!

Tickets $1 each Or 6 for $5

Great Vendors!

Check website for latest list.

Contact chairman to vend.

$30 each 6 ft. table: 1 – 3

$25 each 6 ft. table: 4+

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Not yet Ed. My wife was the photographer and she is our webmaster, and right now she is down with a serious case of bronchitis. It'll most likely be next week sometime before we get them up.

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My Wife's bronchitis has turned into full blown pneumonia, so we are still running behind. At any rate, here are the results for the 2012 Region 5 Convention. We will have all the pictures posted soon on our website.


2012 IPMS/USA Region 5 Convention - Winner's List

B-1: 1/48 Single Engine Prop, Allied

First: F4F-4 Wildcat, Ron Hilker

Second: FG-1D, Kevin Degenkolbe

Third: A1-J, Randy Fields

B-2: 1/48 Single Engine Prop, Axis

First: ME 509, Paul Kester

Second: BF 109, John Nichols

Third: HE 126 A-1, Greg Farrell

B-3: 1/48 Single Engine Prop, Pre WWII

First: Curtiss Hawk II, Doug Halton

Second: Pitcairn Auto Gyro, Ron Reynolds

Third: DR1, Paul Sarbacker

B-4: 1/48 Single Engine Jet, USA

First: F-80, Ray Powers

Second: A-7K, Scott Hackney

Third: RF-100A, Doug Hatton

B-5: 1/48 Single Engine Jets, all others

First: Mig-21MF, Randy Fields

Second: Mig-21MF, Tyler White

Third: Mig-23S, Frank Holsburg

B-6: 1/48 Multi Engine Prop

First: Azur, Bill Pettyjohn

Second: PV-1 Ventura, Randy Fields

Third: ME110E, Ross Petra

B-7: 1/48 Multi Engine Jet

First: F/A-18A, Kelly Quirk

Second: HO229, Scott Hackney

Third: RF-4C Phantom II, Tyler White

B-8: 1/72 Single Engine Prop/Jet

First: I-16, Marc Randall

Second: Siemans Schuckert DIII, Stuart Malone

Third: Sopwith Camel, Chris Rhiner

B-9: 1/72 Multi Engine Prop/Jet

First: DC-4, Jarrod Booth

Second: BV-222, Ron Hilker

Third: EC-121K, Jim Triola

B-10: 1/32 Prop

First: SE-5, Bill Pettyjohn

Second: P-51D, Steve Siebers

Third: P-40B, John Curatola

B-11: 1/32 Jet

First: SU-30, Brian Leitch

Second: F-4J, John Curatola

Third: Harrier, Stuart Vanderyort

B-12: Helos/Misc

First: MH-53E Sea Dragon, Kelly Quirk

Second: Wallis Autogyro, Ed Burgess

Third: UH-1D Huey, Thomas Bogacki

C-1: GM/Ford/Chrysler Vehicle

First: Dodge DUD, Ken Leslie

Second: 57 Chevy, Alyn Loya

Third: 2009 Vette, Nancy Leslie

C-2: Foreign - any non USA vehicle

First: Cube, Ken Leslie

Second: Mad Max, Paul Kester

Third: Beetle, Scott Adams

C-3: Race Cars, any type

First: Honda Formula, Ken Leslie

Second: Racing Revel, Bill Davis

Third: Porche 917, Scott Adams

C-4: Custom Vehicles

First: 1940 Ford, Alyn Loya

Second: Riviera, Ken Leslie

Third: 1962 Thunderbird, Steve Barnes

C-5: Motorcycles

First: Yamaha YZF-R1, Joe Lotz

Second: Honda Supercub, Marc Randell

Third: Ducati, Scott Adams

C-6: Trucks, Fire/Rescue, all others

First: 1940 Ford Sedan, Gina Davis

Second: 1940 Hustin Sweeper, Danny Downs

Third: 99 Dodge Pickup, Alyn Loya

D-1: 1/35 Closed Top Allies to 1945

First: Sherman Jumbo, Scott Hoffland

Second: Ram II 1943, Rob Feehan

Third: T-34 1940, Ross Petra

D-2: 1/35 Closed Top Axis to 1945

First: Panther G late, Scott Hoffland

Second: Flak Panzer, George Redden

Third: King Tiger, Adrian Hall

D-3: 1/35 Closed Top Nato after 1945

First: Chieftain MK-11, Rob Feehan

Second: M-60A1, Scott Johnson

Third: M-48A3, Terry Barrow

D-4: 1/35 Closed Top other after 1945

First: T-72, Shane Curtis

Second: Iraqi T-55, Scott Johnson

Third: T-72M1, Terry Barrow

D-5: 1/35 Open Top Soft Skin

First: Marder 3 Pak 36, Tom Bogacki

Second: Marder II, Daryl Rhoades

Third: M-10 Tank Destroyer, Ray Powers

D-6: 1/35 Jeeps/Armored Cars/Halftracks

First: SD KFZ 234/3, Scott Hoffland

Second: Maxx Pro MRAP, Kelly Quirk

Third: Chevy & Breda Machine Gun, Marc Randall

D-7: 1/35 Artillery

First: 88 Flak 37, Tom Bogacki

Second: Flak 37, Scott Hoffland

Third: Quad Gun Tractor, Terry Barrow

D-8: 1/48 Tracked

First: M4A-1 Sherman, Randy Fields

Second: KV-1, Adrian Hall

Third: T-34/76, Kevin Degenkolbe

D-9: 1/48 Wheeled

First: M-8, Kevin Degenkolbe

D-10: 1/72 & smaller Tracked

First: Maus, Rob Teubert

Second: M4A3, Terry Barrow

Third: M113 Fire Support Vehicle, Jarrod Booth

D-11: 1/72 & smaller wheeled

First: M1126 Stryker, Kent Kirkpatrick

Second: Pak43/41 Barndoor, Edward St. Denis

Third: KFZ 70 Personnel Carrier, Dylan Stockman

E-1: Juniors

First: Hetzer, Christian Filipina

Second: War of the Worlds, Garrett Matchek

Third: Tiger I, Dylan Stockman

F-1: Figures, 54mm & smaller

First: Helping the Wounded, Bernard Harris

Second: Belgian Bicyclist, Rob Teubert

Third: Lone Trooper, Chris Patterson

F-2: Figures, 55mm & larger

First: Netherlands Musketeer, Rick Brownlee

Second: Confederate Bugler, Rick Edens

Third: Sam Elliott as Gen. Bofford, Scott Raisbeck

G-1A: Diorama, small base, tracked & wheeled vehicles

First: Where are the Americans, Greg Metge

Second: Hey New Blood, George Redden

Third: King Tiger and Jagtiger, Paul Sarbacker

G-1B; Diorama, small base, all others

First: KC-97J/B-47 Aerial Refueling, Ron Denning

Second: Carantan 1944, Rick Edens

Third: Star Wars AT-AT, Brian Lloyd

G-2: Diorama, large base

First: Railroad Diorama, Daryl Rhodes

Second: Kurt Meyer at Mariupol, Greg Metge

Third: The Forgotten, George Redden

H-1: Spacecraft & Sci/Fi

First: AT-ST, Ed Burgess

Second: Tie Interceptor, Mark Randall

Third: Millenium Falcon, Paul Heaberun

J-1: Naval

First: USS Jaccard, Richard Sliwka

Second: USS Virginia, Carl Musselman

Third: IJN Shinano, Charug Scardon

K-1: Dinosaurs, Humor, Fictional

First: Porsche 935 Engine, Scott Adams

Second: Nosferatu, Paul Kester

Third: Draco Dragon, Alisha Wile

K-2: Scratchbuilt

First: Go-Kart, Alyn Loya

Second: 1942 Hobart Weldmobile, Danny Downs

Third: British MKIV Male, Ron Denning

K-3, Out of the Box

First: KDO Flak 40 Rangefinder, Ross Petra

Second: 88mm Flak 36, Joe Lotz

Third: 80 ft Elco PT-109, Richard Sliwka

Contest Theme Winner (In the Movies): HMS Bounty, Oren Long

Best Aircraft: French Potez, Bill Pettyjohn

Best Automotive: Honda Formula Racer, Ken Leslie

Best Armor: Panther G Late, Scott Hoffland

Best Figure: Netherlands Musketeer, Rick Brownlee

Best Diorama: Railroad Diorama, Daryl Rhoades

Best Naval: USS Jaccard, Richard Sliwka

Best Space/Sci-Fi: AT-ST, Ed Burgess

Best Miscellaneous: Go-Kart, Alyn Loya

Best of Show: Honda Formula Racer, Ken Leslie

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