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AML-90 Ejercito Argentina - Falklands 1982


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My first post here is my just completed last weekend, AML-90 Panhard 4x4 of the Argentine Army (Ejercito Argentina) ca. June 1982. The kit is the ACE model. The kit is a good example, and is very suited for that configuration. The Panhards were very very new when taken to the Falklands, andhad little effect on the land battle, as they could not leave the limited road area outside of Stanley.


This is the smallest kit that I have ever built. It was hard work, but the nice and accurate photetch that comes with the kit really makes the difference. Please enjoy the pictures of the kit, and also I have attached a picture of the 1:1 version.


- Adam











and some real ones:



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Sweet! Another armor model in my scale! (1/72). You did excellent, especially as it is an ACE kit. Having built many of them myself, I know what it takes. Thanks for posting.

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