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Monogram Sdkfz 232

Ron Bell

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Here's my latest Monogram military vehicle, the Sdkfz 232 8 rad. A lot of parts to this kit but it goes together pretty well, especially for it's age. A fun touch is the engine compartment. You can either do it in North African markings with three crew, a tarp lean-to and a campfire, or in Polish Campaign markings. I wasn't going to have anything else gray in the collections, so I went with the Polish Campaign. Again done strictly OOTB. Clean up is everything but you can see on the insides of the engine compartment doors the shadow of the injector pin marks. Believe me, they were removed before painting and weren't visible until after the wash when they just popped out.. Maybe someday I'll take the doors off and have a go at fixing them, but not right now.









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