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Wing fences

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Well......v-e-r-y carefully! :smiley17:


What sort of fences? Do they sit on top of the wing (ala F-100), or do they wrap around the leading edge (ala-MiG-15/17)? If they wrap around the leading edge, are they shaped "solid", or are they shaped like a sideways "J"? Those things will help determine your options.


If it's a simple one piece fence that sits on top of a wing, make sure there is a "slot" for it to fit into.If the wing doesn't have one, use a scriber or saw blade to make one. This not only helps position it, it also gives more "tooth" for the glue to hold the part. Aside from that, it takes a steady hand, tweezers, and a tool like a knife blade edge or thin piece of wire to apply the superglue in a precise, sparing manner.


If the fence wraps around the leading edge, and is molded solid, you'll need a NOTCH in the wing that allows it to drop into the proper position in the leading edge. Positioning and gluing it is much easier as the notch helps hold it in place.


If it's "J" shaped, then you use the same technique as with the one that sits on top of the wing, but it's easier to hold along the leading edge while you glue it.


If you're applying the wing fence towards the very end, and aren't as ham-handed as I am, you might try using a tacky white glue to place them. Once the glue has almost dried, you can use a DAMP brush to remove any excess glue; which is something you can't do with superglue. It's not as strong, but then if you don't knock it around, there's no reason for it to come off.


I'm sure there's other ways to skin the cat, but I hope this helps!


GIL :smiley16:

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