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1/72 Stalingrad


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Again, built for my Uncle, who got me started on this crazy gaming hobby when I was 8 :smiley32:http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a13/dsteingass/1%2072%20Stalingrad/





100% foamcore construction, I made up some templates in Visio to ensure all the storeys, doors, and windows were at the same height, I cut, and cut, and cut, and just when I thought it was safe I cut some more.....Basing is some cheap, ugly adhesive vinyl floor tiles.


Rubble is bits of everything, cork, foam, rr gravel, sand, balsa,sprue, etc,...NEVER throw anything away,:smiley28: you can always use it for rubble!

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Stalingrad (or any Flying Lead! game) only needs a 2x2 table and uses cheap 1/72 figures mounted on pennies

Alas tho, this was gifted to my Uncle, my 6x4 table is now sporting the beginnings of a LEGO train layout ;)


Outstanding set up you have there! That is awesome! I wish I had the space to build up a wargame table like that! Keep these pics coming!

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