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Anyone remember...

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I recently came across this picture on the web: http://image.corvettefever.com/f/corvette-news/rip-donna-mae-mims/32273055/donna-mae-mims-don-yenkos-girl-friday.jpg

I was intrigued by the "Squirrel cage" name on the front fender - which is the nickname of an (in)famous Pittsburgh bar frequented by college students (myself included) and anyone else with a high-tolerance for cigarette smoke... In researching the picture, it was taken in Cumberland Md. in 1961, and is most likely a "59 fuelie" corvette, maybe painted pink *I've found conflicting accounts on the color, both told by ms. Mims). Does anyone know of better pix or info on this car? Anyone know what the logos are on the fender? Any info/leads greatly appreciated!


Don Schmitz




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Hey Don...


I would guess that you have already reached out to them but since you didn't say so...


Steel Town




Pinky through the years...


I would go to the source if you haven't already.


Steel Town says she is part of their history.


Someone there has got to have additional info.


If not, what SCCA Region did Ms. Mims belong to? Most of those regions have some type of history page set up.


Cool photo...



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