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Braille scalers out there?

Ron Bell

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I have done a few and have several others in the stash.


Academy Dodge Ambulance and Tow Tractor



Academy HEMTT



And their crappy Jeep



Nice work Philip. Yeah, that little Jeep is a POS isn't it?:smiley24: At least you finished it.

I got about 1/2 done with mine and sent it through flight trials..... and into the spare parts/scrap bin..

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I don't know why everyone is ragging onb the Academy jeep. I enjoyed building it. In fact In have several finished. Oh well.


Philip, you did awesome on all those. Great job! Don, that is an incredible Jeep! Beautiful man! I gotta try to do one of those!

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Very Nice.....MY Dad once altered a Matchbox Box Van to represent the vehicle they used to load camera film on the F-106s at Langley.

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Gotta keep this thread alive. Here's a Cromwell Models Abbot 105 SPG. The kit is only five basic parts with a couple odds and ends, but the casting is amazing with the detail and undercutting. Only added the wire guards each side of the main gun mount.









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Just keepin' it alive. This is my Airfix DUKW. Got it before the Italieari kit was out. It's a 40 year old kit and is pretty basic, so I "did it up". I just got it done and put it on the contest table when the Italeari kit came out. So, everyone thought it was that kit and not an Airfix one with massive work. Oh well.



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Thanx for the kind words, guys. There is some world-class stuff in this thread...maybe it oughta be transferred to group builds?

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Gotta keep the small stuff comin' to keep it up on the list of topics. Here's my Revell 1/72 British Warrior IFV. I added a photo etch set and a resin one piece interior from PMI in England. Amazing detail in there. All I had to do was paint it.







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Here's my latest to keep this Thread alive!


These are my five latest small scale armor models all completed. This brings me up to 574 completed armor models.


This first one is my 1/72 scale IBG Canadian Chevy 15CWT troop truck:






Next up is one of my three ACE kits. This is the 1/72 scale Marine Corps LAV AD Air Defense variant of the LAV-25:






The wheels all rotate, and the front suspension also turns on these LAV's. It was tricky, but I got them all to work.


Here's the second ACE kit: The 1/72 scale LAV M Mortar Carrier:






The one headlight assembly disappeared, so this one was damaged in combat. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The mortar inside rotates as well on this one. I really like this model.


If I ever find the headlight Ill put it back on, but for now, I'm calling this one done.


This next model is the Trumpeter 1/72 scale M-113 A3 APC. Now I have the whole line of them from A-nothing to A-3 as well as several variants:






Finally, this last one is the third ACE kit. This is a cool little 1/72 scale model of the GAZ M-1 Russian Army Staff Car:






This model is only about an inch and three-quarters long. No, it is not still wet. This is supposed to be a shiny car so I shot it with Gloss Black. It took a bit of filling and sanding to get it to look this solid, but I'm pleased with the results.



Okay, that's all my latest models finished. I also posted this separately too.

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Mark just keeps churning them out and good ones to boot!


Here's one you don't see everyday, the UM 1/72 kit of the Christie T-3. Very nicely molded but some pretty fiddly engineering to get the hull together. A PE fret includes the rear deck engine louvers. The tracks are length and link and fit well. It would be fun to see it displayed next to a Crusader and/or T-34, the vehicles it inspired.



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Been quiet out there for a while. Here's a golden oldie to try to bring this thread back to life.


This is the ancient (like mid 1950's) 1/76 Airfix Churchill tank. Still the only small scale model of a Mk VII, but really dated and pretty crude. I did what I could to bring it up to snuff by cutting off molded on detail and replacing it, correcting problems in accuracy and fit and adding detail to dress it up.























Edited by Ron Bell
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Nice job Ron.


I won their new Cromwell kit but put it in the for sale pile.


Dragon just brought out a new Churchill but an earlier model. I still want to do all the Funnies in 72nd so hopefully they will rerelease a few of the correct versions.

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I hope you took a look at that Cromwell kit, it's reallly very nice. Not quite the Revell Germany kit, but pretty darn close.

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Nice. Like the buildings too.

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