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Crazy idea I had.


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Chances are, I've been drinking too much Mountain Dew tonight and this may sound odd, but what if there was a museum dedicated to the history and showcasing of everything that had to do with model kits? Things like:

* Showcasing the history of box art.

* Showcasing and telling about how model kits are produced.

* A "research library" in the museum where the public could browse through hundreds or thousands of books and magazines on armor, ships, model building techniques, etc.

* Special rooms or galleries dedicated to Scratchbuilding, Tools & Supplies, World War 1, World War II, Armor, Spacecraft, Dioramas, Ships, etc., etc., etc.

* A gift shop where the public could buy kits, supplies, and souveniers.

* A special room or gallery to hold donated finished models from people's collections when they die or something else.

* A trader's area or "spare parts swap shop".

* A large room to hold annual contests.

..........etc., etc., etc.


There are big and small museums all over the U.S. and the world dedicated to all sorts of subjects like Pokemon, Kites, Coca-Cola, etc. Why not a plastic model kit museum? What if the modelers of the world could do something to preserve the hobby for future generations to enjoy?

I tried doing a Google search for "model kit museum" and all I found was this: The Milano Model Kit & Toy Museum - Updated on a monthly basis

Too bad the place closed down. :(

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It's a great idea Eric, and it has been tried in various forms once in a while. All it would take is money, and a willingness for the owner to lose money every year (like a hobby shop!).


On the practical side, it would take a lot of discussion and compromise as to what to display, how to display it, what to include/exclude, and how to integrate the history of the hobby industry as well as the history of model building, including some of the more famous builds through the years.


If I ever hit the lotto, I know I'd consider it. But short of that.....


GIL :smiley16:

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There is a model railroad museum/club just down the road from my house - its been there about 20 years now. After bouncing around various locations in the city, the club raised money (by hosting big public swap meets I think) to buy a lot in the suburbs and put up a nice but simple concrete block building, which includes a huge HO layout (probably 2-3000 sq feet just for the layout). They also have an onsite workshop with compressor, spray booth and other tools for use by members, and a library with shelfs of reference material. From Thanksgiving through New Years the layout is open to the public to raise funds (and the place is always packed).


But these Railroad guys aren't afraid to spend money. The land probably cost $100K and the building probably cost about the same to construct. Their annual dues are $90, and members are expected to help maintain the building and work the public displays. At a guess they run a few thousand people through the open house and charge a $5 a head donation, plus they sell food and drinks and raffle tickets.


I have doubts that a model museum has that sort of drawing power, or that most of the modelers I know would be willing to support a club at that level of money and time.



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