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A7V "Mephisto" in the Queensland flooding


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As you may know, the last surviving A7V tank from WWI is located in the Queensland, Australia city of Brisbane, inside the Queensland Museum. The Museum was recently flooded, and so was the famous Mephisto. Below is the press release on the status of this old warrior from Villers-Bretonneux, captured by Australian troops on 24 April 1918.



"Mephisto, the sole surviving A7V tank in the world, was subjected to minor flooding on 13 January 2011 when the Brisbane River burst its banks and inundated the level 0 of Queensland Museum South Bank. Water rose to just above the tracks and then quickly receded. The surrounding interpretative environment has now been removed from Mephisto's display and the enclosure completely cleaned. Some minor spot rusting has received preliminary treatment under direction from Australia's top metal conservator. Mephisto remains in excellent condition and the Queensland Museum is looking forward to updating the display interpretation supporting this iconic artefact.


Please be assured that Mephisto has been my number one priority since gaining access to the museum on 14 January. The Queensland Museum conservators quickly stabilised the spot rusting and are continuing with the detailed cleaning. They are being advised by the nation's top metal conservator. As indicated in my statement, Mephisto remains in excellent condition and will receive new display interpretation when the Queensland Museum returns to normal operations."

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