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Airfix Morris-Bofors


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Here is the Airfix/MPC Morris truck with Bofors 40mm Antiaircraft Gun. It is my first foray into 1/76 scale armor. My big fingers kept getting in the way.:smiley14:


Box Art












Overall shot




The old MPC decals were thick, glossy and would not conform to Mirco products, Solv-a-set or Future so many were scrapped.


Overall impressions were good. The many knockout tab marks were covered by kit parts so clean up was easy.


All and all a good little kit.


Thank you for looking in.

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I loved those MPC kits in the 80s. I built just about every one they sold at the Kay Bee toy store. I remember cutting and collecting the Golden wings/Wheels/Stripes and sending away for some really good kits. The giant 1/24 scale Harrier comes to mind. I scored a whole lot of the tokens when the local discount department store sold all the MPC Return of the Jedi kits on huge clearance.

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This is a great kit. You can convert the Morris into all sorts of variants and its the only injection Bofors in this scale. You can mount it on all sorts of things.

Here's my take on the same kit.....



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That is great! You did a fine job on that old kit; great detail work on it. I don't recall having the same issues with the decals as you did; mine seemed to go on just fine.


Here's my kit that I built; I did my Bofors in the deployed position.


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