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Hasegawa 1/48th F-4F


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Hi everyone. This is my F-4F. A long time ago in a galazy far away, I was going to build an F-4 in all the popular schemes of the day. SEA, ADC, Gull Gray, Euro 1, you get the idea. Well, I finally started the collection.


This is the German experimental scheme simular to the Milk Cow scheme and features the special IPMS decal sheet (8.5 x 11) from 1984. Yes it still works well. If you have it be aware that it is solid carrier film. Cut close.


Model Technologies mirrors were used on the canopy and True Details seats replaced the kit ones. Nothing wrong at all with the kit ones except they do not have belts and I was lazy. FOD covers were also simplized by using craft foam 1/16th thick,










The kit was pure pleasure to build which will pump me up to do the others. Next one may be the F-4D in the 191st Michigan Six Pack markings in ADC Grey.


Cheers and thanks for looking :smiley1:

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That's a great looking Phantom Jeff! I haven't seen that scheme since the old 1/48 Revell kit in the 70's was new. I've always admired the modern Luftwaffe camo on their F-86s, F-104's and F-4's. You nailed it nicely! Congrats, and thanks for sharing!


GIL :smiley16:

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Hi Ying. The color scheme was confusing to me also. I start with the lightest color and basically use that as a primer coat to check for any building problems otherwise un-noticed. I mask the edge with blue painters tape. That tape is "low tack" and apply the next darker color. Again mask and put on the next darker color and so on. The scallops on the fuselage side was done by running a line of tape down the length of the fuselage, drawing on the pattern, pulling the tape off and layng it on the glass top of my workbench. Using a new #11 blade I lightly score the tape along the line, pull up what I need and re-apply to the fuselage. Add the next color. One at a time and before you know it, it all makes sense.


Hope this helps you out and thank you for looking.

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