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Slipstream that starred Mark Hammill was mentioned in an earlier post. I was given a VHS copy of this film. Not a very impressive movie unfortunately.

Whatever happened to Mark Hammill after being in this film?. Any body know? Anybody care?

He seemed to fade quickly into oblivion as did Carrie Fisher after the Star Wars first trilogy was made.

Harrison Ford however, has simply gone from strength to strength and developed a long and fine movie acting career.

All 3 were relatively new movie actors at the time when the first Star Wars movies were made.

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Mark Hamil moved into voice work. He did quite a few of the animated Batman cartoons as the Joker. In the cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, he played the main bad guy, the Fire Lord.


He also was the star of the video game series Wing Commander and was the main character in the cutscenes.



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Carrie Fisher has had a lot of medium/small parts in film and tv (When Harry met Sally for one) and also writes movies - I think she is known as a "script doctor". Actresses don't age as well as actors...

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My wife has informed me there are no more actresses. They're all actors. I have trouble keeping up with the times. They're still actresses to me. :smiley14:



Someone needs to inform the Academy Awards about that. Apparently, they still distinguish between "actors" and "actresses". I don't follow Emmy and Tony awards, but I imagine they too distinguish between actors and actresses in their various categories.



I've always thought the Academy was the leading organization regarding screen actors and actresses. They still make the distinction.

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Here are the bottom 10 from IMDB


Bottom Rated "Sci-Fi" Titles

RankRatingTitleVotes1.1.4Star Quest: The Odyssey (2009)3202.1.5Ultra Warrior (1990)5773.1.5Monster a-Go Go (1965)3,0414.1.5Dark Vengeance (1992)665.1.6Universal Soldiers (2007)7056.1.6Legend of the Roller Blade Seven (1992)2557.1.6Bigfoot (1970)3908.1.6Galaxy of the Dinosaurs (1992)1099.1.6Zaat (1975)2,18010.1.7Evil Behind You (2006)476

One I remember having paid money for was Laserblast. Kid finds a weapon and it turns him into a killer.

A recent one which gets high marks from most but just made me wince was District 9. Let's make a film about Apartheid, even film it in South Africa, but we will disguise it as sci-fi. Then we start with a jerky, documentary style camera which at first is ok because that is where the camera is. The cameraman leaves the story early but his jerky camera keeps right on filming, is it floating or what? Finally, we have space ship fuel which turns humans into the aliens. WTF? So, are all the aliens former humans? Sorry guys, this is one I just didn't get.

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A few more that got the MST3K treatment:


"The Killer Shrews"--puppies with fake tusks

"Attack of The Giant Leeches"--they got that way because space missions relied on "atomic boosters"

"The Giant Gila Monster"--"And we sing whenever we sing whenever we sing...."

"Teenagers from Outer Space"--featuring blown-up photos of lobsters as the space creature that would doom Earth. "When we return to our planet, the High Court may well sentence you to TORTCHA!"

"The Brain that Wouldn't Die" featuring "Jan in a Pan"

"Rocketship X-M" with Rocky Jones, Space Ranger


And, without further fanfare, I give you....


"Eegah"--Richard Kiel ("Jaws" from the James Bond movies) as a caveman

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Reading an earlier post, a contributors wife reminded him that we are now expected to use the description 'Actor' only. What is wrong with the term Actress?

After all it is only used to describe what sex the person is that is acting and in no way undermines the perception of their ability

Is political correctness going a bit O.T.T. here?

Actress is not a derogotary term aimed at females, so I personally cannot see what all the fuss is about!

Anyway, enough of this nonsense and back to the movies.

I watched 'Deep Blue' on TV recently. it makes you wonder what directors think sometimes.

There was a scene where a shark holding a man in its jaws crashed into a large observation screen, and as the glass began to crack, the cast

just stood there with jaws agape until the glass cracked a bit more and then a bit a bit more and then a bit more before someone reacted to the situation.

Realistically, at the first sight of the thing starting to crack, had I been there I would have been headed for the door out as fast as an olympic sprinter.

And as for putting brain implants into sharks, that's just a bit too far fetched!

As you can guess, this particular film did not do much for me.

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