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October Gallery Posted -- and how to contribute more in the future

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Hello everyone,


For the October Members Gallery, I have shifted to no longer use the old Gallery web pages. It is posted only in the new Gallery pages that Eric created earlier in the year. All of the 2010 Members Galleries have been migrated to the new method and from here on out, month by month the new galleries will be only done in the new method.


This does not affect the contribution method and in fact I will post your gallery model within a few days of you sending it to me as opposed to waiting until the end of the month as in the previous web page method.


So how do you submit a model to the Members Gallery you ask? First off, you must be a current IPMS member so send your IPMS number along with your name to gallery@ipmsusa.org. Of course it is nice to know what you built and have a short description of your model. Here is an example of the way an entry might look:


Joe Modeler

IPMS # 12345


City, State


IPMS Club affiliation (if any)


(Scale / Manufacturer / Model Description or Type) which might read like this:


1/48 Hasegawa F-15C Eagle USAF 1st Fighter Wing


This basic infor is followed by a description of issues building the model or general comments on why you built the model the way you did. In this case I'm not so much looking for a 2 page build article or a reference history on the subject -- just basic what it is, how it went together, any unusual techniques or aftermarket parts or anything else you think might be of interest. All of that should fit in 2 or 3 paragraphs. If your writing skills are limited, give it your best shot and I can usually clean things up to be presentable.


Finally it is a gallery so I need pictures--and the better the pictures the better. Make the pictures at least 800 pixels wide (big enough to fill most monitor screens now) and probably no more than 1600 pixels wide (to reduce file size bloat). If you err on too big that is fine -- I can always reduce a picture in size but it is not practical to blow up a picture if it was taken from a phone camera at 640 x 480 (it can be done but the quality suffers). 3 or 4 pictures are usually enough--front quarter, rear quarter, top, and side views usually work best. I can use more pictures if you really want to send them and if it adds to the article.


That's all there is to it--maybe 15 - 20 minutes work on your part tops. Some people have complained that it is always the same contributors--well I use everything that comes in and the way to get more contributors starts with you. Send in your contributions.




Larry Randel

Associate Webmaster--Members Gallery

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Bob and everyone else interested,


I just checked and we have data going back to 2006 on the server and I may have even farther back on the CD I received when I started the Members Gallery job in 2009. I will work on uploading the prior years starting with 2009 and going backwards. This will also make 2010 look less lonely when you open the Gallery page.


The new system is really nice because I can load a gallery submission into the system in only a few minutes and probably not need to have anything more than the E-mail program to receive the entry and the Gallery editing program open on the computer. That is compared to the prior method of downloading the pictures, renaming, resizing, making thumbnails then copying the text into a Word file to edit, followed by then going to Dreamweaver to build or update the HTML pages (and then spending a good chunk of time testing and fixing broken or mistyped links to get the new page to work the way it is supposed to work). Finally when all that was done, I would have to upload the changes to the IPMS server with an FTP program. Doing single entries was time prohibitive because of the need to batch everything together to save time.


Eric definitely rocks for creating the new Gallery system.

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