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[/size]Hi gang, I saw this over at Starship Modeler. Member "karim" made an app for the iPhone that -



"is a set of calculation tools designed for scale model builders, model-railroad enthusiasts, scratch-builders, or

anyone else who needs to quickly and easily convert between measurements in different scales, figure out the

scale of a model or model part, or perform other modeling-related calculations.


Model Kit version 1.0 features:

  • Convert measurements from one scale to another

    - enter measurements in inches, feet, millimeters, centimeters, and meters and even mix units during input

  • - enter arbitrary scales, or select from a library of common numeric scales, architectural & engineering scales, and model railroad scales
  • - flag commonly used scales as "favorites" for easy access


    Calculate unknown scales

  • - Add the calculated scale to the library
  • Convenient Unit converter
  • Cone shell calculator
  • - enter top diameter, bottom diameter, and cone height
* More features to come in future updates "



Its only $4.99 and can be gotten from the App Store by searching "Model Kit" I just bought it and it's everything you'd expect.

Its perfect for people like me who's PC is not near my model building room.


BTW I have no involvement in this, just a happy customer... :smiley16:



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Only problem is...........what's an App???? For that matter what's an IPod???? For those of us who aren't into technology, go to an Art Supply and get a conversion wheel. About the same price.

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