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Welcome to the Group Builds Forum!

Mark Deliduka

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Welcome all to the Group Builds Forums. This is open to anyone who wants to run a Group Build with his fellow IPMS Members.


Anyone wishing to start a Group Build can propose a subject to build. Simply start a Thread with the title of your Group Build you wish to do and then list the description of it. Include a list of all acceptable models, subjects scales, etc. Finally, list the dates from start to finish. The host also can suggest a Group Build badge to be 'worn' as the build progresses or after it is completed, but that is optional.


Anyone wishing to join the Group Build can post in the Thread stating what they want to build for it. The Host (originator) then updates the first page with the names of the participants and what they are building.


Once the Group Build starts, everyone continues to post in the same Thread pics of their progress, or of someone needs, reference pics and links to help others in the Group Build.


So, this is usually how it's done, and some of my fellow LEMurs and others from other boards will already know this. One thing I do want to stress above all else:


HAVE FUN! :smiley16::smiley32::smiley20:

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