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F/A-18E/F Aggressor Colours?


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You might try checking the Two Bobs web site. They did decals for those birds, and thier instructions should have the color callout on them. I'm pretty sure you can get a good enough look at the instructions on the web site to pick up the color names and FS numbers.


Mike Moore



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Paul - Thanks for the little note on this! I was unaware that there were any Adversary schemes for the Super Hornet!


Here's a link for those who may be interested:



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I have the Two Bobs decal sheet for the VFA-125 Aggressor F/A-Bs in the Brown and Blue schemes. If you want to see pictures of the colors it is sheet 72-087 on the Two Bobs web site or the actual aircraft can be seen on the VFA-125 site. This squadron is also flying the C and D models.


The browns are, from light to dark.

FS30279 = Testers 1749, Humbrol HU250, Gunze H327

FS30219 = Testers 1742, Humbrol HU118, Gunze H310, Xtracrylics XA1102

FS30140 = Testers 1736


Blues/gray schem/

FS36495 (white) = Testers 1732, Humbrol HU127, Gunze H338, Xtracrylic XA1139

FS36320(gray) = Testers 1741, Humbrol HU128, Gunze H307, Xtracrylic XA1135

FS35190(blue) = no brand available

FS35109(blue) = Testers 2131


I hope this helps


Mike Hinderliter

IPMS Phoenix

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