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The "guess Which Sf Classic Game!"


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UNREAL, YES, MIKE GETS IT ONE GUESS!! :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:


The odds against it are astronomical! Either your a true Movie Genius, or you have a heck of an image cleaning program!!


I'll have to use a different method, to "hide" image portions, to make this harder, to make sure your the real "Mc Coy"!


Very Impressive! :smiley32:


That's 2 in a row for you Mike! Well done!!


Give me a little time to create a new image, the Russian version of Solaris is a bit obscure, and few SF Movie buffs have seen it, I did not expect such a quick guess on this!







And I fully agree, the US version with all it's special effects, could not match the "weirdness" of the original Russian film, even with it's very limited budget.



No, I just recognized the viewscreen corner

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Well then my friend, you are indeed a "Premier" Player! 2 obscure SF films, and "BAM" you got them both, I am very impressed, well done! :smiley20::smiley20:


It's a good point you brought up, I always leave a "critical" clue in the image, it may be a slightly faded "hint", or a rather strange portion of the scene, but it is very much a "Key" image found in the film.


In the case of the "Solaris" clip, the Huge TV Screen was the primary clue. With the very low budget of the film, it's one of the few cool "Space Props", that was part of certain key scenes. The Space Suit portions, and other parts of the room, especially the "Tiling" of the walls, were the secondary clues.


I am not an "Expert" as I stated before. But I have seen an extraordinary amount of films, from all over the world. Lately, the Korean film industry, has put out some truly marvelous SF films, equal to anything Hollywood has produced, with the offbeat cultural differences, that are obvious of that part of the world. And this is simply our perspective, I'm sure they observe the same things, in our films, from their point of view.


In addition, in my work, a great deal of study is required when I reproduce a Prop or Model from a film or TV series. Over time, you start to "Notice" very small details, and become very observant of color, texture, and other nuances that make up a subject, within a captured still.

You are the "Top" player so far with 2 correct guesses!


I believe Dave is second, with one, but correct me if I'm wrong, I have not had time to go back over winners, and know exactly what the stats are yet. This has been a "fast and furious" couple of weeks, and I've been trying to keep up with the posts, and plug away at the Voyager prop build currently in production. I will send a mint condition 12 inch Original Movie Seaview kit to the first player who gets 10 right, no charge, my treat for playing along. Good luck guys! :smiley2:

WELL DONE MIKE!! :smiley32:


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...HEY...WHERE DID EVERYBODY GO.....? :smiley25::huh:




AT LEAST A "GUESS".....JEEEZ..... :ph34r:

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No, but since I did make this one quite difficult, as Mike Delano is real sharp at this game, so blame him for the added difficulty level! Sorry Mike, but it's true, you made the game a bit harder! :smiley15:


Here's a clue. This film is currently being remade in a more modern setting. It was a huge success when it was released, and deals with the fear of machines taking control of mankind. A very common theme in numerous SF films, but this one was special.


That is a "Heck" of a clue, and Mike Delano might just figure it out on that alone! :lol:


Now players, some guesses please........ :ph34r:

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I KNEW I GAVE AWAY TOO MUCH THERE!!! YES DAVE, "THE FORBIN PROJECT" IS CORRECT! WELL DONE!!!! :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:


I'll post the entire image tomorrow, it's nearly 1 am here, and I have 2 early appointments tomorrow morning, then we'll move on to the next round!


Good night players, and good job Dave, I believe that's 2 wins for you as well now!! :smiley17:


Next one is gonna be tough, you 2 guys are getting to darn good at this! :smiley15:



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As promised, the image revealed. The primary clue was the 70's style Computer screen in the bottom of the picture. Secondary clues were the hazy little dots, and just a "glimpse" of the Tactical screen in the back of the scene, where Colossus, the evil computer, eventually shows "Who's Boss".


Although I have the strong suspicion my last verbal clue told "too much", but well done Dave! :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:




I'll have another image soon! :smiley15:

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All right palyers, welcome to our "Friday Night" edition of our little "game"! :smiley15:


This is a very obscure, yet "Cult" status, SF film! :blink:


That's all I'm telling at this point!! :smiley14:


GO FOR IT!!!!!! :smiley15::smiley15::smiley15::smiley15:




Oh yes, I've made contrast, and resolution imaging programs useless in this phase, just a little "added" twist to our periodical "challenges"!


Guess this, in one try, and truly impress the heck out of me!!! :ph34r:


Good Luck guys!!! Hehehehehe..... :smiley15:



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Some stats since I have no hope of getting the current "frog in a blender".


Movies to date


1. This Island Earth.

2. The Day of the Triffids.

3. Dark Star.***

4. The Man who Fell to Earth.

5. Solaris.

6. Colossus - The Forbin Project.

7. (in progress)


*** - Unguessed.




Dave M 11/2

Paul B 3/0

Don C 1/0

Mike D 4/2

Kevin I 1/1

Gnat 1/0

Mike L 3/0

Ken L 2/0

Ed W 1/0

James K 2/0


Total 29/5


I probably missed some so let me know and if I didn't violate any union rules I'll fix it. . .



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Wow Mike, thanks so much for doing that!!! I just got booked until late 2011, and had a "Hell" of a week! I so appreciate you taking the time to do the "Stats" on this game. so far, THANK YOU!!!


That's really cool of you!! Much appreciated!! :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:


You are hereby nominated as the "Stats" record keeper henceforth.......


:smiley17:Congrats Big Guy!!!

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God that's funny, :smiley4: sorry Mike, had a bit of a delayed reaction to "frog in a blender".

Been an unbelievable week, at the old Kit Factory, just catching my breath now....... :smiley5:


And, btw, it's bad luck to turn down the honor of being nominated "stats keeper", for this most enjoyable thread, really bad "Mojo" Dude, scary stuff....yikes!!! :blink: you don't want to go there....... :unsure:


Hehehehehe..... :ph34r:

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Ok, for the "frog in a blender" funny, you get a clue!


I did warn you this one would be tough! The film is foreign, and you all have picked up on the fact that I watch a lot of oddball foreign SF films by now.


A very strange film, but it did get "Cult" status amongst the "Hard Core" SF crowd here, and in Europe.


Now some guesses please players....... :smiley15:

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God, why do you torture me so fellow members?? :smiley19:

OK, another clue, there is a "UFO" connection to this European Film, now pleeeeeze, some guesses!!!! :smiley15:

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