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Odd Scale/Subject But Still Want Figures


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What I have is a 1/28th Skoda hatchback car from the 1980s (SMER) and I want to use it in a vignette. I want modern-dress civilian characters. I know about Jimmy Flintstone and Chimneyville stuff, but I'm not sure I really want to use those...they seem more Fifties/Sixties to me, those I've seen. Any ideas?

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Hello Jeff,

- Assuming you are not concerned with the minor disparity in scale between 24th scale and 28th scale, there are (or were) several options to chose from. The simplest and most readily available sets are the Tamiya "campus friends":



Which can be acquired easily enough from evil-Bay. There is also Fujimi's Drivers:



... and Mechanics:



both of which can also be acquired from the Bay.

- Other, not so easily acquired options include a few sets of figures from Hasegawa (I think they released a set of umbrella girls, skiing friends, and maybe a mechanics set), Modeler's (they had several "accessories figures"....but are hard to find) and then there were a few sets from Prieser (Goggle them. They may also be difficult to acquire, not sure). Unfortunately, I could not find images of any of the latter suggestions to post here. Hope some of the other info above is helpful. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.

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