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An old project revisited and completed, 190D-9


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Well, I started this one back in Oct. 2008. It's the Hase 1/32 D-9 kit. I'm partial to the D series a/c so I decided to go all out with the detailing. Got half way in and made some mistakes which led to a small nervous breakdown (not real sure why now). So, I boxed it back up and forgot it. Back in Dec. 2009, I came across it and decided to take a look again. It appeared I was doing a decent job after all and decided to finish her off. I fixed the mistakes and moved on. Six weeks later, she is finished. Overall, I enjoyed it and am proud I finished it but I WILL NEVER super detail again.....I'm serious...no, really! In the end, this project cost me about $160. She will be front and center on my shelf! Comments always welcomed.




This is the Aires engine/gun mount kit. Was pretty pricey but it's a superb kit.



Used the PE cockpit set along with scratchbuilt extras.




Finished pics








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Exquisitly done! Nice camo, superb detailing, what more could you want!? I know you're burned out for the moment, but a year from now you'll have forgotten the "birthing pains" of the detailing and feel nothing but pride in your accomplishement! That's when you'll tackle another such project. Congrats on your beautiful build, and thanks for posting!


GIL :smiley16:

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