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More about bases--dramatic element


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Mike's question about whether to attach models to their bases got me thinking about the advantages of using bases. Since this isn't really responsive to his question I decided to start a new topic. I like to use bases as a way to add drama to the display of a model. A base can be used to pose the model as if it is doing something. Posing airplanes in flight is an obvious example. A plane that looks like it is climbing, turning, etc. makes the mind anticipate some kind of action. Cars or armor posed on a slope or crossing an obstacle are more intersting to look at.


Strombecker YF-96



Scatchbuilt Heinkel-100



Revell Fairey Fulmar


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You've brought up a VERY intersting topic! There is definitely more presence to a model that is displayed on a base instead of simply being placed on the table.


This is a visual hobby. Just as those artsy-fartsy panel line techniques add visual interest (accurate or not), display bases add a visual element in addition to the model itself. Very often (as the inflight pics above show) the base sets the "mood" or establishes the natural element of the subject matter.


The problem with all of this is that the less experienced model builder and contest entrant may think that it influences judging. It does NOT! While it may certainly influence overall popularity among the attendees, the judging critera is specifically designed to counteract this. That's why the consistent emphasis on basics is heard over and over when people ask how to win at a show. You never hear "just put it on a base"...


Putting a model on a base looks better. It looks more complete. It looks more professional. It is more dramatic! I like to have several bases on hand so that I have an option to display a model in a "setting" when I desire. I do not, however, make a base for each model. That would be as much work as getting the model done!


I admire those guys who not only build great models, but also display them on nice bases. It's almost another entire skill set for our hobby and it certainly gives a model more presence on the table. Cheers!


GIL :smiley16:

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