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some questions about the air compressor AC adaptor

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ok. thank you guys, the tamiya basic air compressor w/airbrush finally arrived, and i am so happy.


althought, it does not go with the pack battery or AC adapter.


than instruction said the tamiya AC adapter is not sold outside of Japan.


so how can i do?


looks like the pack battery output is 7.2 V.


i checked local stores and found some AC adapters which have output from 12V to 16V. anybody konws if i can use them instead?


and it is kina hard to find the right DC plug to fit the AC adapter jack, too.


sigh....need some help...thank you.....

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Contact Tamiya USA customer support @ 1-800-TAMIYAA (1-800-826-4922), you will need the instructions and the item number as well as a credit card - they may be able to help you.


thank you again, Greg.


see, i just think it is kina rediculous if i could not use a normal AC adapter for the tamiya air compressor.

the AC in USA is the same as in Japan which is 110V.


and i checked these 7.2V pack battery, and they are so expensive, from 25 to 50 dollars each.

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