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Gil built a TANK!


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Although 1/48 aircraft are my primary gig, I do build 1/48 armor every so often. Our club currently has a "50 Shades of Gray" build theme going so I decided to tackle the old 1/48 Bandai Panzerkampfwagen IV Aus D; rubber band tracks and all.


The kit comes with some interior parts.... I enhanced it by adding the radios and coaxial machine gun breach on the right, and some rudimentary (but not "accurate") controls for the driver on the left along with the instrument cluster on the top of the transmission housing. I also built up a floor and ammo rack behind the driver as the kit had nothing but the circular turret floor. I left out the kit engine as I closed up the engine inspection hatch on the back and it wouldn't be seen.

I decided not to try to add any stowage or extra tracks except for what the kit provided. Other than that, I just tried to add some color variations and some moderate weathering since these were mainly used in the first half of the war. On to the finished pics!





Considering my lack of true experience with armor, this suits my shelf just fine and also satisfies the club theme.

Critiques, comments, and questions welcome! Thanks for looking!


Gil :cool:

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I have serious doubts about your inexperience with armor. That looks far too good for that comment! Most stunning work Gil!

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Will it be posed overrunning an RAF AASF base in 1940? 🤔😉

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