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Tank Toons


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Anyone that followed my models know I'm mostly figures and space/sci-fi. But I saw this kit and as a regular viewer of Night Shift, I had to try  - - Meng Models World War Toons Sherman tank. It's one of those "deformed" type models, like the egg planes. There was no scale listed.


 The biggest bonus to me was that they had the "rubber band" type treads. I couldn't imagine myself sitting there assembling the treads one section at a time. I assembled the major sub-assemblies and then painted it the US Olive Drab green.



 After that I added the decals which went on very nicely. I then added a little weathering ala Night Shift


The base was done with a piece of cut up foam, and the hedgerow  is a plastic aquarium filter material covered in Ground foam. With that I was finished. Thanks for looking. 


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