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Catching up with my posts we have Marilyn Monroe from the Suite Life Productions. The card that came with the kit indicates she's part of a potential series Girls on Film Part 1.  Always good to see *not the same ol' thing* kits.

She looks like she's about 1/5 scale and was a very nice 2 part casting with only minor cleanup of the seam-line that runs around the kit.


If you read my entry on the Pebbles bust, you already know about whats happening here. If not, very briefly I saw the You Tube channel creator that has been looking for an effective yet simple was to create a realistic look for skin tone coat in a purple pink color on top and then from the bottom add a red.


Then when you add the skin color in light passes while leaving some of the red and purple you end up with a lifelike skin IMHO.


 Continuing on with Marilyn, the example shows here wearing a black dress. There's a lot of black with no real breakups in color. What I chose to do was take some Blue Gunmetal, which is a dark blue color with metal flakes in it. To make it a little bit darker I did add a little black.

Then For the hair originally I chose V's Wood, but that looked too yellow. Marilyn's hair changed - A LOT - over time and I guess depending on what movie she was acting in. So I over-painted it with Cork, and then two highlights ending with Ivory.

For the stole I just used a light gray, and under some of the larger tufts a darker gray. The dry brushed with an Off White, finally ending with  a light coat of Pearlizing Medium.




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9 hours ago, steev said:

She looks good. I've never seen that exact technique before. I'll have to try it out. Thanks for the wip pics.


Thanks. I never saw the technique before until this YouTube guy was trying something to make his commissions go by quicker. If you go to his page you can watch  and see him do it rather than just individual images -  https://www.youtube.com/@Groundeffected/videos

When you try, make sure to take. pics. I'd like to see how it turns out.

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