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Revell/Renwal USS Springfield

Ron Bell

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This is the Revell SSI re-release of the Renwal USS Springfield. It's possibly one of the most inaccurate models of a ship ever made. The Springfield was converted to a guided missile cruiser after the war, her designation changing from CL 66 to CLG 7. Here are the problems. The kit has two triple 6 inch gun turrets but the converted Springfield only retained one. The kit has six double 5 Inch turrets but it should only have one. The kit has two pole masts but there should be three cage style masts. The kit gives you two Terrier missile launchers but there was only one. The fantail in the kit is configured for a hanger and crane for a stored seaplane, but a helo is given. On the reconfigured ship there was a heli-deck on the fantail but no provision for a hangar. But the helo they give you isn’t all that bad for what it is so I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I put a clear disc on for the rotor and posed it doing a “fly by”. Finally, the entire superstructure was completely reconfigured and the kit's is that from WW II. To fix all that would not be worth the effort, even if it were possible, so I used what they gave me. My only real change was to cut off the very thick molded in railings on the mail deck and replace them with PE and I added PE to the upper decks as well and stretched sprue for the rigging. There’s a photo of the removal of the railings “in progress”. Oh, one other thing. The kit comes with simulated wood decking on the main deck, but from what I can see from photos, aft of just about the centerline it was either removed or covered, which makes sense as the blast from the missiles being launched would have scorched a wood deck. So I sanded/scraped that detail off where needed and smoothed the deck. But, as they say, it is what it is and presented for your viewing pleasure, Revell/Renwal's USS Springfield.







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Looks like they forgot the fire control illumination radars for the missiles too! Yes, she is quite inaccurate for her CLG fit. But you made a nice build of what comes in the box, as per the instructions 😉 👍🏼 🫡

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