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Frankenstein's Creation


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This is another terrific kit that apparently has been in my stash for quite some time. Coming from the talented hands of John Dennett, it's a 1/3 scale bust  of Frankenstein's monster as described by Mary Shelley in her book. Investigating that I found him to have yellow watery eyes, a yellowish sking almost transparent enough to reveal the veins and arteries beneath, and long dark stringy hair.  
The natural starting point for me was a base of the yellow skin.

Next was the tried and true method of making "something" under the skin and that was the squiggly lines of different colors. While that was drying I also staed work on the icy base with various blues.

Next came my new favorite of adding detail, and that's to add Reikland FleshShade with the airbrush. At was enough for one day.

 Continuing on, was some dark Black Brown for the hair, and then roughly dry-brushed some cork brown on the dark blue gray jacket to simulate grave dirt. 😉 I went back and added some Woodland Senics snow to the iceberg and glued that in place

With the skin dried, I added color to all the little cuts and gouges he had including the scalpel cuts. Going back to the hair I went with the next lighter color brown for a few highlights. He was supposed to have really dark hair so I did my best to show the strands while keeping it dark. The eyeballs were already black, so I added the same yellow ochre for the iris, and then added beige to the sclera. Once dried both colors were lightened and then a black pupil was added with a cut toothpick.  The sutures were colored with V's Duraluminum and with that I was finished.

It was a very cool kit and a fun one to paint. Plus as someone else said not the same ol' Frankenstein.  Thanks for looking.




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