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Looking for a Roommate for Nats 2024

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Unless someone knows something I don't, I cannot procure a room from any of the hotels listed on the IPMS/USA site.  I would like to attend, so if anyone who already has a room wants a roommate to cut costs, please contact me.  My name is Fred Sirois.  I am a member of the IPMS/NENY club.  I can be reached at fred_sirois@yahoo.com or 518-598-8917.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Fred,

They just opened 3 more hotels though a bit further away.  Also the new Embassy Suites will be ours once it opens.

But doing the roommate thing can be fun and cost effective too.  I roomed with Ralph Forehand during one of the Phoenix conventions and we had a great time.

Good luck.

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PHIL: After ALL of the hoopla on the room reservation failures, I stand in wonder at your statement above about Madison having added THREE MORE OUTLYING HOTELS for attendees. I do so BECAUSE even TWO DAYS after your response to a private inquiry above there has been NO ANNOUNCEMENT on THIS DF, or on the MAIN IPMSUSA PAGE.

Here's a link to which IF you SCROLL DOWN (and pretty FAR down too!) you'll find the Madison team update on 2/2.... which you WON'T read on their page unless you click the "DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION" in small letters below the MISSION BRIEF 2/2 update banner on their main page.... and is not even part of their HOTEL info page (still dated 12/15) if you click on that on their main page.


It also includes updated info on what to expect for anyone interested in trying to book at the Embassy Suites when that opens up....

I know the Madison staff is a bit miffed.... but I'd STILL think that after the egg on their face about hotels that IF they'd booked 3 more hotels (and evidently they have) they'd have been VERY upfront and got it posted front and center on their home page AND on the 2024 Nats Topic here. And as President, shouldn't IPMSUSA be making sure that info is front and center and easy to find on the main IPMSUSA page? And what about a Wild Sau email to all of us about it at the very least?

Nope.... all we get is a cryptic sentence from you.... requiring a search on everyone else's parts while these hotels can evidently be booked by interested people IF they were only aware of it.

Things go wrong..... mistakes are made.... by why are we compounding them instead of making efforts to avoid them going forward?

Although this info ought to be in the 2024 Nats topic area.... I'll leave that to you (as an officer) or someone on the Madison team (since it's THEIR topic) to get it posted there.... hopefully soon!


Gil :cool:



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