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Iron Shipwright's USS Sailfish SS572


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Sailfish was originally built as a postwar (WWII) radar picket submarine, and commissioned in 1956.  The diesel powered submarine was equipped with BPS-2 and BPS-3 radars installed in the sail and on a short pylon aft of the sail.  The postwar radar picket role was short-lived and the radars removed.  In 1965, Sailfish went into the Philadelphia Navy Yard for upgrades, and emerged with the 3  AN/BQG-4 PUFFS sonar "fins" on deck.  These were employed to derive bearings on nearby ships and submarines by using the deck length as a baseline to discriminate the time of arrival of acoustic signals at each unit.  Sailfish served until 1978, when she was decommissioned and eventually sunk as a target.

The Iron Shipwright 1/350 scale kit consists of a resin hull and 3-D printed pieces (sail, masts, rudder, planes, propellers and PUFFS units). 






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Very cool model and Cold War history. I recently talked to a 1960s diesel sub sailor whose first cruise included a blue-water rescue mission for another sub, that was damaged when it "...escaped from a Russian river with its sonar out." Unbelievable.

"Where have you been - !?"

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