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Hell pig!

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That big, ugly thing is Daedon Shoshonenis, an Entelodont that lived in North America from 23 to 18 million years ago. It was a 12-foot-long, 1700-pound monster that was omnivorous, and while it could certainly kill prey it probably did a lot of scavenging, primarily by intimidating other predators, which were largely non-social in North America at the time. Here, one is giving chase to a Parahippus Pawniensis, a three-foot tall horse that was one of the first to have fused lower leg bones for fast running and a single toe/hoof, with vestigial toes. 

Daedon came from the 1:20 Paleocraft kit, with virtually no modifications. Parahippus started life as a 3D-printed 1:35 "startled plains zebra," which has extra toes added from styrene rod and a new non-striped part job. The base featured plants from Silfor, Scenic Express and an unfortunate bristle brush that happened to be on my workbench at the wrong time.



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