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The Jersey Devil


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This kit has been in my stash for a long time. After first seeing it, I had to have it, but once a copy was mine I didn't think I could do it justice, and put it in my pile. The mark on the kit says 2013.  While I consider myself a pretty good novice, I thought I would give it a try.  And the timing was right as my model club (the BPMS), was asking for a kit I would build as part of my pledge. This is where you pledge a model to build in January and by October, you have it finished.

Back to the kit. This is another from John Dennett's Crypto Legends series. As mentioned the sculpt is outstanding. I don't think anyone has measured the JD, so I have no idea of the scale of the kit. It comes in 10 pieces and a base, made from very clear cream color resin. Here and there you see a hint of a seam line, but a minute or two of scraping and it was gone.



Not having an idea about the devil color yet - most images on the net have it back or a dark color - and I'm kinda tired of too many of my horror models dark - I decided to work on the base first.

Being the Devil is always pictured in red I thought I would use reds and browns. Tho for the wings I tried to mimic a little translucent skin -


Being that the Devil is supposed to be prowling the NJ Pin Barrens, Dennett put a few pine cones on the ground. But taking it up another notch I thought it cool to cut the bristles of a disposable paint brush - they were tan after all - and use them as pine needles. I sprayed a heavy layer of hair spray on the base (protecting the water area) and started cutting. I didn't notice right away, but the bristle turn out to be transparent when seeing just a piece of one.  Arrrggghhh!  I figured it would be a bigger headache trying to collect up all the pieces that were now covered in a still drying hairspray, that I decided to just paint each "needle" one at a time.  Ugh...

Something I saw on YouTube of a guy building an airplane was to get all the instrument details in a cockpit, he painted the whole thing a dark color and then when the paint dried, he lightly scrapped the instruments revealing the lighter color plastic, then he could paint that button whatever color he wanted. I thought "Why couldn't I do that with all the text?"  Turns out you can. The white resin looked too stark, so I added some Vallejo Yellow Ink, and now it really pops .

With a few other tidbits to neaten things up, I was finished. Thanks for looking.





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17 hours ago, Jmarc said:

WOW,WOW,WOW.. that is a pretty cool project and well done also , way to go SIR and thank you for sharing it with us, it's quite appreciated !

Thank you!


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