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F-15A From a Novel.


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I'll leave the Novel for some discussion. Pilot info is major hint.


AMT Kit done in initial Baby Blue as mentioned in Book. Aircraft lacking ladder( ON Order) ready for next mission to create an Ace.


ASAT is major part of story.


Caracal decals (Except pilot info),Resin-Cast Exhaust, True details Seat, Eduard instrument panel.


Thanks for Looking

Comments More than Welcome


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Very nice looking Eagle build. The original Air Superiority Blue scheme is seldom modeled. I recognize the pilots name from Red Storm Rising.

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Too bad that Mr Clancy apparently got the scheme wrong. The Air Superiority Blue was only on the first few Eagles at Luke AFB and flight test ones at Edwards AFB. The Ghost Gray scheme went into service early on, and was the standard from the late 70’s until the Mod Eagle scheme came along after the 91 Gulf War.

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