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Hawker Tempest Mark II


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After three long years, it is done. A lot has happened in my absence and I apologize for my lack of modeling activity. It isn’t perfect, but at least it’s finished. 

Happy Modeling,


Mark Fiedler IPMS # 14333









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That's a terrific looking Tempest!

And who ever said that "perfection" is the goal in our hobby? I'd have given up 40yrs ago if I'd known THAT was how I needed to build models!. What I see is a build I'd proudly put on my shelf without reservations. By the way, which kit and what scale is it?

I bet it feels pretty good to get one done. Glad your back here and thanks for sharing. Now get the next one done!  😉


Gil :cool:

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Thank you Gil. The kit I used was from Eduard, with a aftermarket conversion kit to convert the model from a Mark 5 Napier Sabre liquid cooled engine to a Mark II, powered by the Bristol Centaurus radial engine. I do not remember the name of the aftermarket vendor. The Bristol Centaurus radial was a sleeve valved design and very difficult to detail so I chose to employ the cowling and conversion parts, such as the oil cooler. The landing gear was very fragile, and difficult to mount, and ditto for the landing gear wheel covers and tail wheel covered as well. Eduard just came out with a Mark II version, with markings from Wing Commander Charles Dyson, RAF, with a red lightning bolt draped across the port and starboard cowling. Colorful, but I think one is enough for now.

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