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Review: B-17F Flying Fortress

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Reviewed by: Floyd S. Werner Jr.
Company: HK Models Co

The B-17 Flying Fortress.  Is there a more iconic aircraft of WWII?  I’ve always loved the aircraft, especially the B-17F.  The beginning of the air war in Europe was spearheaded by the B-17F.  The most famous is the ‘Memphis Belle’, but there were other B-17s that flew much longer than that.  One of those was assigned to the 303rd Bomb Group, ‘Knockout Dropper’ was one of the first B-17s in the 303rd, it was also the first to finish 50 and 75 missions over Nazi occupied Europe. 

Until recently you were only able to build a B-17F by using the old Revell kit.  When HK Models announced the B-17F and after seeing it at Telford in 2019 I had to build one. 


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