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The Fly (1958)


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Back around 2002, I picked up the Micro-Mania Geometric kit “The Fly,” based on the 1958 movie. I also picked up the scenic base. I’ve often considered assembling and painting it, but never got around to it. Some time ago, I decided when I did, it would need special paint for the eyes, similar to the chameleon paint used on custom cars. A few weeks ago, I finally pulled it out and put it at the front of my queue and decided to try painting it in glorious black and white to match the movie, but with the eyes in some sort of iridescent color. I found the paint at the local Michael’s and got to work on it. I found to original movie on one of the streaming services and sat down to watch. As the credits rolled, up came “Color By DeLuxe!” I guess I saw it originally on a black and white TV and that’s what was lodged in my memory. (The two sequels were, however, in B&W.) Well, I chose to not let that deter my plans. As it turns out, most of the laboratory and costumes were in shades of gray, and the figure would have had only its right had in flesh color.
Using mostly Vallejo’s Black and White paint set, tried this new technique. To fill out the base, I made 5 copies of a page of math equations, a calendar and the cover of a science magazine and an appropriate back cover ad (Marlboro) form 1958. I used a square of paper towel moistened with white glue to represent the head covering the creature wore most in most of the scenes with his wife. This was draped over the edge of the computer.
I processed the photos in Lightroom but did not do any adjustments to the colors. The black and white tones were all achieved with paint.






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Excellent work! I really like how all your paint work turned out.

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