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Academy 1/35 M2A2 OIF Project


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In honor/recognition of the 20th Anniversary of the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom and those who served there, I’m going to be building this kit. 


I’ve got a set of AM Bigfoot tracks to replace the incorrect ones that come with the kit.

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So here we go, construction has begun! I had some folks over on Armorama point out to me some corrections needing to be made so here we go.

As usual with most armor kits, this one started with the suspension and running gear. I have not yet closed up the motorization holes, but that is easy to do at this point. All the road wheels, the sprockets, and idler wheels are all removable due to their poly caps. I just put ‘em all on for this photo.


Using Vodnik’s site as reference, I started dealing with the biggest goof on this kit in my eyes, the shape of the rear hull plate and cut off the box like side portions of that part.


A bit of sanding and other trim work on the upper hull and I had the area looking much more accurate. And again following Vodnik’s guidance, I scratched up the rear spaced armor plates that go on that area. 


More to come in a few days….

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After being repeatedly sidelined for the past year, I have gotten this one going again. I followed Vodnik’s mods on the rear plate area, adding the spaced armor plates behind the stowage bins, and the angled spacers behind those onto the hull


Next I added some pipes (bilge pump drains?) onto each side of the ramp using some brass tubing


Lastly I glued the troop ramp into place


I’ve also been adding some of the small bits onto the upper hull


More to come in a few days…

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So here are a few more shots of what I had accomplished last week with the upper hull and ramp area



I also started filling in the motorization holes in the lower hull


And then yesterday, we had an IPMS Build & BS session where I started working on the turret. I cut up the mantlet to the proper fixed sides configuration that the A2 has


More progress to come in a few days…

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