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ACW Cannon update


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It's been over a year since I posted on this build. This is my update.

 The first set of pictures kind of show why it's taking so long. I'm not very neat or well organized, so 45 minutes out of each hour is used to fined something I need. My wife can't stand to look at this mess.

 Here are a couple of shot of the painted cannon. Still needs some touch up and weather, but it's pretty much done.

 Lastly some shots of most of the crew. They are far from finished very rough, they need lots of work, and need to make three or four more. Made them out of old sprue that I melt then shape.

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Nice work on the 12 LBer!! Stop by the IPMS/USA Special Interest Group Blue and Gray Scale Modelers and share off your work!! We'd love to see it!!!

Blue and Gray Scale Modelers, an IPMS/USA Special Interest Group (SIG) | Facebook



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Tony, are you sure someone didn't fire a cannon into that room? LOL!!

Don't worry, that bench and room looks just like mine so I know what you're going through each time. Those figures are magnificent! I would have thought they were old metal figures! The fact that you're molding them from stretched sprue makes them even more amazing!!


Keep it coming Tony!


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