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Panzer IIIA


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Following my early Panzer IIB and Panzer IVA, I decided to do the Bronco Panzer III A. There were only ten of them built. It seems they were all used in the invasion of Poland however, they were all withdrawn from frontline service by February 1940. The suspension was not torsion bar but swing arms on coiled springs. Nor were there any hull escape hatches. Don't confuse this kit with the Miniart B kit.

The kit has simple markings for only four vehicles. There is a nice interior for the turret, but nothing much for the hull. As you can see from the comparison picture that the hull had a bit different shape. The decals go on fairly well but take some work to get them set down over the hatches and vision flaps. I use Solvaset mostly, but in the end, I used some MEK in a few spots.








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