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Homeward Bound (Nanny Ogg)


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Here is a recently completed 75mm Georgi Stamov sculpt of Nanny Ogg, a character form the Discworld series of books. The figure comes with her cat, wine bottles, packs, banjo and broom, but no base. I used a Bayardi tree to anchor a brass rod support for the packs and thought the connection of the front of the broom might need additional support so I added an ancient Tamiya plastic sign and post roughed up to simulate wood grain. The smaller trees are Joe Fixx products. I added a Shapeways digitally printed barn owl.
I used Photoshop’s “replace sky” function to include a shot of last September’s harvest moon for interest. The kit was painted primarily in acrylics.


IMG_2821 - Copy.jpg


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16 hours ago, Eric said:

I stumbled across the site that sold that and other disc world figures but can't find it now.  Do you have the makers web site?


I contacted Georgi Stamov, the sculptor through Planet Figure forums and the email he provided ryan_pld@yahoo.com. He has at least one other broomrider, Granny Weatherwax. 

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