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Review: 3D Riveter Tool 1/72 "PLH - Black Line" (0.50mm)


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Reviewed by: Paul R. Brown
Company: UMM-USA

This is a new riveting tool from UMM-USA and adds to its growing line of modeling tools. The single wheel tool allows you to emboss fine rivet lines on plastic, resin, soft wood, and thin metal sheets. The black handle, about the thickness of a Bic pen, fit well in my hand and was comfortable to use.

I experimented with the tool on several different types of styrene and an old plastic kit. I used a thin plastic ruler on the flat surfaces and found that it was easy to emboss a row of rivets.  On some pieces of pieces of styrene I had to put more pressure on the tool due to the hardness of the styrene.  On curves surfaces I used a thin metal straightedge from an old drafting class – labeling tape would also work well.


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