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Palmer/LifeLike/Encore artillery model collection

Ron Bell

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Here's the complete collection of the Palmer Plastics/LifeLike/Encore artillery models. I'm sure the scales vary from gun to gun, but I think they are around 1/12. Kits are ancient, like 1959, primitive, rough, etc. I did them mostly OOTB but filled in open spaces, sanded off bulky detail, etc. etc. Interesting voyage into modeling history and something a bit different. From left to right they are a naval 24 pdr, revolutionary war cannon, civil war cannon, Gatling gun and WW I 77mm. The 24pdr is red because the Brits painted all their below deck guns red to hide possible blood, the revolutionary war gun is light blue because Washington decreed that all US artillery be painted that shade to honor their ally France, the civil war gun is bright green because there was no standard color and I had some on the shelf, the Gatling is white to simulate one I saw in a turn of the 19/20 century photo of a US battleship's deck that had one stowed on board probably for landing parties, and the 77mm WW I gun is in camo typical for that era.  









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Beautiful collection! I remember seeing a few of those kits on store shelves long ago. Nice to see what can be done with those kits! 👍🏼👍🏼

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