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A couple contest definition rule questions...


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I have Tamiya's F-15J in 1/32 scale and I have 2 questions:

1. It has no PE or resin in the kit but it does have white metal landing gear. Reading the rules I think this statement means it would still fit in this BKB class:  As a general guideline, kit parts that are necessary to complete and support the overall structure of the completed model are allowed. Can you let me know if metal gear that are included in the kit fit the intent of that statement?

2. If I were to build it in-flight will it be forced into the Elevated Aircraft Entries category? With respect to my 1st question it relates to whether I would buy aftermarket for it. I will build it in flight regardless, I just always had this question about that rule but it didn't mean anything to me until BKB came around. I definitely like setting up the build for BKB if I can. 

Screenshot 2022-11-29 110542.jpg

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