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Brandy new member here


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Hellooooooooo out there!

Very happy to have finally joined this prestigious club after hearing and reading about if for so many years. Yes as a wee lad I heard all about the club but could never save up enough cash to join. Back then, one could make a decent living mowing lawns, having a paper route and doing odd jobs to save for model kits, tools (I never could afford a proper airbrush and compressor!) and materials to build. So after taking a bit of time off, I'm looking to get back into the hobby as a way of reclaiming an important part of my youth but only much better this time. Yes, I still have plenty of imagination and enthusiasm for the hobby but this time there are several things different. One is I've moved on from paper routes and odd jobs and have a career with some cash to spare. Two is the sheer amount of resources available to teach me how to do all these techniques I've read about: pin washing, re-scribing panel lines, working with bare metal foil, weathering techniques, scratch building cockpits, airbrushing, and.... And finally, a resource such as this one to meet and discuss all these great topics with in an exchange of ideas and information I never thought possible.

Hellooooooooo out there?

So I sit here typing this introductory posting, hoping to eventually show examples of my work, get some feedback around it, learn a thing or two about a thing or two, and virtually meet some like minded modelers.

I'm a family man primarily focusing on building the many kits I've destroyed over the years initially, new ones that look interesting and maybe a diorama or two. I gravitate toward WWII aircraft, science fiction vehicles and thinking of taking on an armor or other project (howitzers, half track, etc) in the near future.

Hellloooooooo out there and so happy to be here!

I remain,

Mark from Parsippany,NJ



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Welcome Mark! Glad to have you here, and as you describe yourself you sound like the typical "IPMS Joe"!

Looking forward to seeing your work.  Please let us know if and how we may be of any help in making this hobby more FUN for you! Also, you may want to check the IPMSUSA home site to see if there's a local chapter near you. Being able to meet and greet personally with others like yourself is even better than here on line.

Dive in and make yourself at home! Glad to have you here with us!


Gil :cool:

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