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Since joining last year I've been working on some figures to improve my skills in this area. While I also need to improve my skills at model building overall one of my weaknesses that really needed attention is painting figures. My wife and daughter decided to challenge me (why oh why do they do this?) and having never made a diorama one of the pieces came with such a small base I needed to make a larger one. It's very basic and my first attempt for the Hermit Mage and Dog. The other 3 are on their respective bases. The Banshee Queen, The Female Elf Mage and the Necromancer. All of these are 3D printed. I really liked how his book came out. The Elf Mage and Banshee are 75mm Scale while the Necromancer and Hermit are 53mm. More to come....


Hermit Mage & Dog.jpg

Banshee Queen 1.jpg

Elf Mage 1.jpg

Necromancer 1.jpg

Necromancer 2.jpg

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