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2023 National Convention Category Sponsorships

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IPMS/USA now accepting contest category sponsorships for the 2023 National Convention. We are currently listing the 2022 categories on our convention website (www.nats2023.com/contest/categories.html) along with the sponsor of each category. There is a link on this page that takes you to the IPMS/USA webstore (a different website) where you can make your purchase. As sponsorships are purchased, our convention team will update the category sponsors on the convention website. When the NCC publishes the updated 2023 category list we will in turn update the categories on our website.

When purchasing a category for sponsorship please note your first, second, and third choices in the webstore checkout comments section. This will help our Awards Coordinator, Rob Booth, work out which category you or your club will be sponsoring. In almost all cases, you will get your first choice. Be sure to check out the category list on our website to ensure it is not already sponsored. If, by chance, you make a category purchase and someone else gets theirs in right before you, yours will be moved to your 2nd choice. In addition, when the 2023 list is published and a category you purchased a sponsorship for has been eliminated, we will move your sponsorship to your second choice.

Please note that the IPMS/USA webstore is a different website than our National Convention 2023 website and as categories are purchased there is not an automatic update to the category list on the convention website. Rob Booth and I will be making those updates to the category list on the convention website on a regular basis. Most likely every few days.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please e-mail me at chair.nats2023@gmail.com.


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