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Merlin powered Westland Whirlwind?

Ron Bell

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While waiting for something to dry during a modeling session with a friend of mine, he threw this at me and told me to get busy. Well, I putzed with it just killing time really, but then had a brain cramp. Since the engines were the problem with this aircraft, I decided to give it new ones. I got a couple Merlin nacelles from the spares box and blended them into the ones on the kit. I know in reality that Merlins were in short supply and destined for Lancasters and Spits, but what if..? I’m sure other structural and aerodynamic changes would have been necessary for a variety of reasons, but I have no idea what those would have been, so we’ll just go with this for now, ok? Note that this is one the first versions of this kit released and it was pretty primitive and since it was just for a lark, I cut a few corners and wasn't as careful as I might normally have been. The decals were just cobbled together from spares. 







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