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Master Grade 1:100

Full Armor Gundam FA 78-1 

Custom repaint of the Mobile Suit Variations Full armor Gundam. This is the original design of the full RX 78 before the iconic "Thunderbolt" Gundam was introduced. 

Originally this kit was printed in almost all blue colored plastic. I gave the kit my own color scheme inspired by other variations of the FA 78-1. 






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  • CobraPla changed the title to MG 2.0 Full Armor Gundam FA 78-1
On 9/20/2022 at 11:11 AM, Mark Deliduka said:

Nicely done! Most impressive! I may be in the minority here but I like this version more than the later Thunderbolt version.

Believe me I very much like this version more as well. Considering Thunderbolt is an alternate universe in the UC timeline. 

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Oh man, alternate universes. That is one thing that most annoys me about so many of these Sci-Fi stories/sagas. It sure makes things confusing sometimes, and frustrating at times when they focus on the alternate universe at the expense of the original. Things are crazy enough in this universe anyway! LOL!


Keep them coming Joshua!

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Yeah Thunderbolt was too over the top for my taste.  The weapons fit looked like they were designed by little kids trying to stick as many guns, shields and boosters on as possible.  And the two main characters were highly unlikeable - the Zeon pilot was a wet blanket, the Feddie pilot was a vicious jerk.  The animation was pretty good though.

Mark, better take the Blue Pill if you don’t want to fall into the Gundam rabbit hole.

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Good job Mark!

I took the Red pill, because my friends told me it was like candy!

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