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Flying Sub


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Just thoguht I would throw this out there for anyone interested. I finished the Moebius 1/32 Flying Sub along and added the Just an Illusion lighting set. This would be avitar I use for the moment...




I have a ton of pictures for the build at this link if you are interested... Enjoy!



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Hi, John,


Congratulations on getting this beauty built, and with lighting, too! The Moebius kit is far more accurate with respect to the original filming model's exterior and the full-size interior sets than was the original Aurora kit I am still trying to correct and finish. I was very interested in your build gallery pictures to see what techniques and tricks you used. From the dates, I see that they have been posted since last May. If only Moebius had included crew figures with good resemblances to Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane, Commander Morton, Chief Sharkey, and Seaman Kowalski, all of whom were rated to fly the FS-1.


I have two threads posted a page or two back on the Sci-Fi section here on my attempts with the Aurora kit. Lots of in-progress photos, too. Take a look if you have some time.


Top notch work! I did pick up your use of the photo as your avitar.



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